A Sneak Peek at the next version of iSports for iOS

As the next update for iSports for iOS is nearing completion we wanted to give you a quick look at what is coming. This version has been beta tested by a number of clubs over the last few months.

This release of iSports includes administrative features to make running your event even easier.

From the mobile app you can now login and
a) view your event information including registrations and games
b) input game scores
c) send broadcast messages (push notifications and emails)

LoginLogin Screen

Inputting Scores

For multiple venue events inputting scores can be tedious particularly if your venues don’t all have Internet access .  With the iSports mobile app you can now navigate to a game from your phone/table and from the game detail screen input your scores.  Saving the game will trigger push notifications just like in the web application.  Note: this feature also works for any users with the “Scorers” role.

Enter Scores

 Broadcast Messages

How often have you been at the fields and needed to send out a notice to all of the teams at your event?  In the past you’d need to login to our web application.  Now, with a few taps in iSports you can easily send your message out from your phone:

Send Push/Email Alerts

Searching for Games

Besides the administrative features, we’ve also added a new feature for end users–you can now search for games via date, time, and field.

Search search2  search4 search5

Search results

iSports will be available in the Apple App Store soon.  In the meantime if you’re an HTGSports league owner/tournament director and would like access to the beta please contact us.