Using iSports Venue Details and Games by Field Feature

We’ve recently added the ability to view games by fields. This feature can be particularly helpful if:

  • you are walking by a game and  just want to know what 2 teams are playing on a particular field
  • you are a field marshal or a tournament director; you need the ability to quickly see what two teams are playing or scheduled to play for various reasons

To access this feature from the mobile app ( first locate the event and click on it. From the main event page then tap on the “Venues” button on the bottom.


Click on the red marker to display the info window of the venue you are wanting details on.  Then click on the info window. Note: if you click on the “i” you will be taken directly to driving directions.


On the iPad clicking on the info window selects the venue in the venue list in the sidebar. From the sidebar you can click on “Details”.


From the venue details window you will then see information about the venue and a list of fields. Click on the field of interest.venue-detail

On the iPhone you will be taken to the results window.


On the iPad the results are shown on the right side of the venue detail window.


On the results list you will then see a list of games for the field of interest.  Find the appropriate game time and click on the game to display the game detail page.



The game detail page contains a lot of information.  Included is the game date, time, team names, coach, location, primary colors, scores, field, and division.  From this page you can optionally add it to your calendar or share the information via text.