How to Sign-up for Push Notifications for HTGSports Events
January 7, 2014

iSports for iOS and Android includes a push notifications feature for score/schedule updates and event specific category updates. This feature is both simple to use and extremely useful. A commonly defined event specific category is for weather notifications; these will keep you updated immediately if games are cancelled or delayed due to weather. For team based events, you can also sign up for team updates. Team updates will let you know the game score of a particular team or if a game is resschedule. This is a simple way to immediately find out the scores of games you are unable to attend, or simply keep tabs on other teams you are interested in.

# Steps

Open the iSports 3 application on your phone. On startup you will see a list of events near you, tournaments and other events. Find your tournament or league and click on it.

Once your event is loaded click on the "Notifications" icon on the bottom tab bar.

# Signing up for Category Notifications

For this event the director has created a category called "General/Weather". To receive push notifications about General/Weather Updates, tap on the category "General/Weather". You will then see a green checkmark to the right. To unsubscribe just select it again and the green checkmark will go away.

# Team Updates

For team based events you may elect to receive updates for a particular team. You will need to select a division listed under the DIVISIONS section.

In this example we have tapped on the U19 Boys division.

Select teams you are interested in for this division and then hit "SAVE" at the top right. You are now finished!


Note that you can repeat this for multiple divisions