iSports 3 - Beta Testers wanted
December 15, 2020

Opening Screen

We are nearing the next major release of iSports 3 (our mobile app for iOS & Android). As such we could use some help in ironing out any last minute bugs as well as getting feedback on usability, etc.

We're looking for testers who like testing the latest and greatest and are willing to

  • install each build
  • provide some minimal feedback

If the above sounds like you then we welcome you to signup to beta test iSports 3. Please use our contact form located here: (opens new window). On the contact form set the type to support and use the email address that you'd like the invitation email to be sent to. Also indicate if you will be testing on iOS or Android (or both). We promise that your contact information will only be used for the purpose of the beta testing and will not be shared with any third parties.

# What's New

A brief summary of new features is listed below:

  • New home screen that makes it easier to find and adjust your favorite events
  • Near Me: find events near you. Adjust the slider to change the radius
  • Android & iOS will now have the same feature set. With iSports 2 both platforms had different features. In general iOS had more administrative features while Android provided a localized version.
  • Tournament Center: view sanctioned tournaments, print guest player passes, travel permits and tournament sanctioning paperwork
  • Dark Mode support as well as other color themes
  • Localized for Spanish

# Disclaimer

We can only accept a limited number of testers (you’ll be notified only if you’re chosen and please don’t take it personally if you’re not!). There are inherent risks with testing beta software and so you might experience some frustrating bugs.

All that being said, as a small company your input will be literally invaluable to us and you’ll help make a better shipping product!