Online Check-In
May 5, 2015

HTGSports offers online team check-in for events. This convenient feature saves time for teams participating in the event and for event staff. Before online check-in was available, team managers/coaches would be required to arrive at the event early to check in their teams. Now coaches or team managers can check in their teams without unnecessary inconveniences.

Instead of spending hours checking paperwork for teams in person, event staff can now review paperwork online at their convenience. By offering online check-in it also cuts down on event staff needed at the onsite tournament check-in.

# How does online check-in work?

  • Teams check-in electronically by securely uploading forms such as team rosters, medical waivers and player cards.
  • The event staff will then review and approve the forms. If something is incomplete the staff can reject a document or request more information from the team manager.

To use the feature, event admin must enable online check-in at their event. By filling out the ‘online check-in’ tab when you create an event portal you can enable online check-in and tailor it to your event.

Teams pay a small fee to use online check-in. An added benefit for the event director is that he or she receives a rebate equal to the team fee for each team that uses online check-in.

Online check-in is an optional feature that may not be offered at every HTGSports event. Ask the director of your event about online check-in today!